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Holiday Party Jewelry: How to Shine Bright this Season

holiday jewelry
Holiday Party Jewelry: How to Shine Bright this Season

Looking to stand out during holiday festivities? With unparalleled radiance and timeless beauty, diamond jewelry elevates your holiday ensembles with breathtaking fire. Read on for tips on finding the right designs and add a scintillating flare to your unique style.

Diamond Jewelry Trends for Holiday Parties

This holiday season, diamond jewelry trends are embracing modern influences. Clean lines, unconventional settings, and geometrical designs offer contemporary flair. At the same time, classics like tennis bracelets, stud earrings, and solitaire pendants channel enduring glamor. 

woman wearing christmas fine jewelry to holiday party

Whichever route you take, diamond jewelry promises to infuse holiday ensembles with eye-catching sparkle. With precision cuts that maximize brilliance, John Atencio's diamond pieces illuminate with exceptional fire and light. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites and explore some of the ways you can incorporate them into your formal and casual holiday looks.

The Go-To Accessory: Diamond Stud Earrings

Understated yet elegant, diamond stud earrings are a versatile accessory for holiday occasions. A smaller pair can convey a polished, refined sensibility for daytime get-togethers. For more presence, make a statement with larger, brilliant diamond studs that command attention. 

When designing his unique diamond studs, John Atencio applies the same daring creativity he uses for every jewelry piece in his impressive collection. This gives customers an amazing variety of options, including bold Devotion earrings, dazzling Orion diamond studs, and exquisite Treasure earrings with an eye-catching cluster of glittering diamond stones. 

Finding Unique Diamond Holiday Party Jewelry

Seeking a signature look for holiday soirees? Consider one-of-a-kind diamond jewelry creations that will establish your stylish presence. 

John Atencio is renowned for his artistic eye, crafting specialty pieces defined by innovative design. Ranging from bold cocktail rings to avant-garde drop earrings, his diamond collections include conversation-starting options. 

Among our favorites include John’s unique tennis bracelet designs, featuring creative use of precious metals and glittering diamond gemstones.

woman showing off holiday party jewelry

But, in truth, every single John Atencio design is a singular work of art. You simply won’t find the same piece of jewelry anywhere else on Earth. 

The best jewelry designers take a unique approach that makes each piece a distinctive creation. Inspired by meaningful life experiences and history’s most compelling architectural achievements, John Atencio specializes in stunning jewelry designs that are truly one of a kind.

Premium Diamond Jewelry for Holiday Events

For important holiday occasions, premium diamond jewelry makes an impeccable impression, elevating every ensemble with eye-catching elegance. Crafted from top-tier materials, John Atencio's high-end diamond pieces exude luxury. 


display of holiday party earrings


Magnificent designs can be found throughout John’s extensive collections. From Paris X/O and Elite to Elixir and Monaco, each collection features a range of bold and beautiful designs perfectly suited for elegant gatherings and black-tie affairs.

Whether you’re looking for Christmas fine jewelry gift ideas or something to liven up your New Year’s Eve outfit, John has breathtaking designs for every taste and style.

Popular Holiday Party Diamond Earrings Styles

Diamond earrings are an effortless way to elevate your holiday ensemble. To make a lasting impression, it helps to choose holiday party earrings that reflect popular seasonal trends. 

With his finger on the pulse of in-vogue fashions, John Atencio brings artful creativity to every design that keeps his jewelry pieces at the forefront of trending styles. This holiday season, John orchestrates a symphony of silver, gold and diamonds, crafting earrings that become a statement of your personality and style. This includes bold pieces that merge timeless and contemporary elements, introducing a fresh yet classic vibe to any look. 

For those seeking a bold impression, elongated diamond drops and chandeliers make striking statements. Meanwhile, rose gold has rapidly become a contemporary darling, with its romantic pinkish hue adding a modern flair to both ballgowns and everyday ensembles. 


woman wearing holiday party earrings


Whatever your taste, John’s statement earrings are a perfect way to bring a touch of eye-catching fire, color and glamor to your holiday look.

Selecting the Ideal Diamond Jewelry for Formal Events

When attending formal holiday soirees, your diamond jewelry should have certain attributes. Larger central stones make bold statements, so consider a marquise or pear-shaped diamond ring or pendant. Multi-stone designs are another great way to catch the eye.

When choosing a precious metal, remember that platinum's cool tone complements fair complexions, while gold flatters warmer skin. It’s also important to remember that excellent craftsmanship is key. Look for precision stone cuts and secure, balanced settings, which are hallmarks of John Atencio's jewelry. 

Diamonds and Other Gemstones for Holiday Parties

While diamonds are perfect for holiday sparkle, don't overlook the appeal of alternative gems. Pairing diamonds with colorful stones produces eye-catching contrast. Several perfect examples are found in John’s Pinnacle jewelry collection:


display of holiday party bracelet


Pinnacle emerged as a tribute to John’s 40-year journey of achievement, marking an important anniversary with a signature new creation that combines lavish pave diamonds, exquisite trillion tanzanite, and his unique asymmetrical design. This breathtaking collection has expanded to feature the enchanting allure of chrome diopside and the newest Pinnacle petite designs, each intricately sized for daily use and versatile layering.

Other great examples include John’s Arrivo Collection in amethyst, peridot, rhodolite and blue Topaz. John also offers an intriguing assortment of mesmerizing pieces featuring rubies, emeralds, citrine, garnet and aquamarine.

Making a Splash with Bold Diamond Jewelry

When it comes to holiday parties, bold diamond jewelry announces your arrival in scene-stealing style. 

John Atencio's show-stopping diamond jewelry pieces feature intensely radiant stones in wide, embellished settings. From black diamonds with their dark mystique to champaign diamonds with their alluring warm hue, there are several trending alternative diamond options to give your holiday look a unique flare.

From his Monaco three-row tennis bracelet and Belagio pave cuff to his beautiful Bermuda pendant with glittering pave diamonds, John offers a range of bold designs that provide high-wattage sparkle, so you’ll be confidently unmissable during your holiday celebrations.

With an unmatched selection of jewelry crafted from the world's finest diamonds and metals, John Atencio makes it easy to find the perfect piece to light up your holiday. Shop online or visit one of his convenient locations to find that memorable diamond jewelry piece to take your holiday look to another level.