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How to Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring: A Guide by John Atencio

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How to Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring: A Guide by John Atencio

Have you ever considered how to properly wear your engagement ring and wedding ring during the wedding and afterward? While customarily only considered by the bride-to-be, Western tradition prefers a proper order when it comes to the pair of rings, although there are those who step out of this norm due to personal preference. However you choose to wear them, trust world-renowned jewelry designer John Atencio for the wedding jewelry that will forever symbolize your greatest love.

Enjoying 47 years of experience in designing bold and distinctive jewelry, this environmentally responsible designer is known for perfectly scaling his ring designs based on the size of the center stone and for creating weightier engagement rings than the average jeweler. Read on to discover how tradition says you should wear your rings, then browse John Atencio Engagement to select the rings of your dreams.

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Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring on Your Wedding Day?

Those who observe Western tradition tend to wear their engagement ring on their wedding day because it represents the sparkling reason for the occasion. Most will wear it on their ring finger for the ceremony, moving the wedding band into first position on the finger after the ceremony. Others opt to wear it on the right hand during the ceremony, slipping it on top of the left-hand wedding band afterward. A few may temporarily remove it altogether for the ceremony.

How to Wear a Wedding Ring

The traditions of your country’s culture generally determine wedding band placement. In Western culture, our traditional etiquette stresses the romantic gesture of wearing the wedding band on the fourth or “ring finger” of the left hand, stemming from the ancient Romans’ belief of that particular finger as having a vein directly connected to the heart. The United States joins the United Kingdom, Canada, France, South Africa and some Asian counties in wearing the wedding band on the left hand before the engagement ring.

From a plain white gold band to a custom-made rose gold band inlaid with pavé diamonds, John Atencio’s master artisans use responsibly sourced metals and gemstones to handcraft beautiful wedding bands of the utmost quality. With metal options including yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum, and a wealth of gemstone options ranging from natural to lab-created varieties, designing a custom wedding band to complement her custom engagement ring is an easy process at John Atencio.

Browse our natural diamonds and our lab-grown diamonds to experience the satisfaction of custom- designing your forever ring.

Select a wedding band that complements your engagement ring by staying with the same style and metal your engagement ring is comprised of. Remember that not all ring / band shapes and styles work well together (i.e., it’s questionable to choose a domed band to rest against an engagement ring with a flat band or for a modern band to accentuate a traditional engagement ring).

Finding a ring and band that were made for each other is effortless when you go to John Atencio because he designs beautiful engagement and wedding ring sets that were meant to be worn against each other for a lifetime.

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How to Wear an Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Together

After the wedding has passed, how do you wear your engagement and wedding rings? As per tradition, the majority of Westerners tend to wear their engagement ring stacked on top of their wedding ring.

There are no hard and fast rules, however, and our evolving society is placing importance on personal traditions, such as wearing engagement and wedding rings on different fingers, different hands or on a chain around your neck. Sometimes only one of the rings is worn daily and the other is reserved for special occasions, with time providing additional mix-and-match stack choices in the form of anniversary rings. In this day and age, personal choice is key.

engagement ring and wedding ring set


Stunning choices abound at John Atencio, with matching wedding bands designed for many of the engagement rings in the modern, classic, pavé and solitaire styles. Recognizable as iconic John Atencio, the modern Intrigue Princess White Gold Engagement Ring is an excellent example. Handcrafted in 18-karat white gold, channel-set, princess-cut diamonds and scaled to fit a center stone of your choice, this stunning ring is fashioned to fit the Intrigue Diamond Wedding Band and the Intrigue Round Brilliant Diamond Wedding Band.

Have something different in mind? Make an in-person or virtual appointment with a knowledgeable concierge to discuss custom-designing a wedding band or engagement ring and wedding band set.

Certain styles speak to certain personalities. A very feminine woman may choose a classic ring with a pear-cut or round brilliant stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds, whereas a bold woman may tend to gravitate toward a ring with a trillion or princess-cut stone.

The best advice may be to ignore the stereotypes and choose the setting and stone that speak to your heart. Selecting a style that suits you is easy, because you’re often called to the perfect style the moment you see it. John Atencio designs the engagement ring and wedding ring set that is always a joy to wear.

Ring Sizing and Maintaining Your John Atencio Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

It’s important to prepare for a ring before it’s on your hand and maintain one after it’s placed upon your finger. A ring can be sized up to be made larger, but can’t be sized down, so prior knowledge of your finger size is vital. Unsure of your finger size? Measure your finger with John Atencio’s convenient sizing guides for men and women’s rings and bracelets.

Even though everyday wear and tear will occur, it’s important to protect your jewelry through best care practices. Take care not to engage in activities that may damage it while you are wearing it, such as heavy labor or painting. When you’re not wearing it, ensure that it’s kept in a secure place away from children and animals.

Because cleaning and inspecting your rings for loose stones is imperative to keeping them in good condition, John Atencio offers complimentary in-store cleaning every six months over the lifetime of all jewelry, including engagement and wedding rings.

Bridal customers also annually receive complimentary professional cleaning, polishing, rhodium finish and inspection of their wedding jewelry at our licensed repair facility. A gentle cleaning solution, such as John Atencio Gentle Jewelry Cleaner, should be used on your jewelry at home to help keep your jewelry free of dirt and grime between in-store cleanings.

Do more to protect your meaningful investment with a Lifetime Care Plan from Jewelers Mutual, the only company solely committed to insuring jewelry since 1913. Available only at the time of purchase, this is not jewelry insurance, but a transferrable lifetime service warranty, the plan provides the following at no, additional cost for repairs:

  • Ring Resizing
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Refinishing and Polishing
  • Loss of Stones Due to a Defective Setting
  • Broken, Bent or Worn Prongs
  • Broken Clasps, Bracelets or Chains
  • Cracked or Thinning Bands or Shanks
  • Cracked or Chipped Stone Replacement
  • Broken Earring Posts
  • Pearl Restringing

John Atencio believes in the exceptional quality of his jewelry and offers a warranty that covers unintentional defects, but it is not to be confused with jewelry insurance, which is a stand-alone repair-or-replacement policy that covers damage, accidental loss, mysterious disappearance and theft.

Because life’s mishaps happen and homeowner’s insurance is quite limited in protecting your jewelry, it is suggested that a policy from Jewelers Mutual be obtained. John Atencio can assist in facilitating a professional appraiser who will generate the official appraisal document necessary for a stand-alone policy. Taking advantage of the Lifetime Care Plan and insuring your John Atencio engagement and wedding ring set with a stand-alone policy is an excellent way to help keep it in prime condition for the next generation.